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If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think what a video is worth. Video allows you to tell your company’s story and connect with employees in a way text and images simply can’t.

Engage Your Employees With Video

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We’re quickly approaching the point where video is more than a nice-to-have to truly engage employees. Creating videos for internal communications efforts helps you to more authentically connect with your employees and potential employees.

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Video used to be a difficult and expensive medium, requiring huge production budgets and months of work to get a few TV commercials. Today, with HD recording available on DSLR cameras, GoPros, tablets, and smartphones, it’s easier than it ever has been to get high-quality video for your company.

Candidio helps you plan and shoot your videos while we take care of the editing.

The Numbers Tell the Story

internal communications professionals who believe that video has become essential.1

internal communications professionals who said their employees now expect to see video inside the organization.2

communicators who plan to increase their use of video this year.3

of communicators using video say its greatest benefit is improved communication with remote employees.3

Your employees are already watching videos on their computers and smartphones. Why not take advantage of that and create great videos for your internal communications efforts? 54% of employees expect to see videos used within their organization and that percentage will only rise.


We have resources that can help you plan, shoot, and distribute your videos. Here are a few resources that might be helpful.

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  3. Engaging Employees with Video -

Using Video for Internal Comms

Watch the videos below to see how Candidio can help your organization with video.

93 percent of internal communications teams see video as an important tool and more than half of professionals said their employees now expect to see video inside the organization. We've got the first 5 videos you need to shoot right here.

5 Must-Have Videos for Internal Comms

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Your employees expect to see video used internally, but maybe you don't know how to get started. Our Ultimate Survival Guide for Internal Comms Video will walk you through everything you need to do to integrate video into your internal comms efforts.

Ultimate Survival Guide for Internal Comms Video

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Until you have a clear purpose for your video, don't push the record button! Download and fill out this video planning template to make sure you know why you're making your video.

Video Planning Template

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