Host a Shooting Great Smartphone Video Course

This hands-on course will teach attendees tips and tricks for shooting better smartphone video that will help them achieve their goals.

The Shooting Great Smartphone Video course is a half-day video workshop - put on by the video experts at Candidio - that will give attendees insight, tips, and tricks to help them plan and shoot their own videos, with nothing but a smartphone.

Our video experts will walk attendees through the basics of video production and shooting techniques that will help them feel more comfortable behind the camera. We'll walk through some important things to do - and things they should avoid when it comes to shooting video.

The Candidio team speaks throughout North America at events and conferences and has helped people and companies all over the world create real, simple video by providing them with the necessary tools and showing them just how easy creating a video can be.

What is the Shooting Great Smartphone Video Course?

  • Why video matters for their organization
  • Simple tips for keeping messages clear in video
  • Accessories that help them shoot great smartphone video
  • Which style of video is right for their audience
  • Why audio is so important and how they can improve the audio on videos
  • How to shoot great videos with nothing but a smartphone

What will attendees learn?

What do we need from you?

  • We’ll need your help inviting around 30 people or organizations who you think could benefit from attending a video crash course
  • A place to host the crash course
  • Help securing a sponsored lunch for attendees
  • We’ll bring our crew and provide all the training for the crash course attendees
  • We'll handle the registration and informational landing pages
  • We’ll bring handouts full of best practices for video and how to get started on their next video
  • We’ll travel to you and present the crash course

What will we take care of?

What is                      ?

Candidio works with your organization to connect with people through real and simple video. We’ll work together to develop a unique video strategy. Use your smartphone and the Candidio platform to create videos that connect with people.


We would love to help you set up a Shooting Great Smartphone Video Course! Please click the button below to reach out to us about hosting a course.

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