Branson is a city of just over 10,000 full-time residents in southwestern Missouri. Tourism is the lifeblood of the community, bringing in nearly $3 billion in tourism-related spending in 2012. With 13 golf courses, more than 200 restaurants and 61,000 theater seats (more than New York City’s theater district) in 45 theaters, it’s no wonder Branson is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the World.


Engage Your Visitors with Simple Web Videos

While live entertainment is the primary draw bringing travelers to Branson, the Branson/Lakes Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (Branson CVB) wanted to find a way to remind visitors that there are many other things to do while visiting the area. While many people visit a location for one or two big draws, studies show that travelers actually spend most of their money on ancillary activities like recreation, dining and shopping.

The Branson CVB decided to put together a series of videos about restaurants in town to showcase some of the Uniquely Branson dining options. Few travelers plan vacations around restaurants, but more and more leisure travelers are looking for local dining options while on vacation. While people visit Branson for the entertainment or attractions like Silver Dollar City, the Branson CVB has a unique opportunity to highlight the local restaurants and encourage visitors to branch out to local options when they’re planning where to dine during their trip.

Branson shot and produced three web videos over the course of three months. All three videos focused on different local restaurants and helped highlight some of the unique dining spots for visitors to check out in town. Since the videos were uploaded to YouTube, they have been viewed nearly 3,000 times, exposing visitors and potential visitors to new restaurants in town.

The restaurant-focused video series aligned with the Branson CVB’s goal of producing shareable and interesting content to show visitors some of Branson’s great locally-owned dining establishments.

By shooting their own web videos and sending them to the team at Candidio for editing, Branson was able to produce three videos that showcased some unique spots to visit in Branson. And, Branson produced these three videos in the same time it would’ve taken for one full service production.


Our social media fans reacted well to the videos, which we think they viewed as more realistic and organic than the slick promotional videos we have been producing. As a result, we had great interaction with the videos.

We needed more video content, and most of our previous videos had been polished, high-production videos that take months to produce and cost thousands of dollars each. As a result, we only produce 2-3 of these videos a year. The quick turnaround, web-friendly videos are much easier for us to produce, and we could see making many more of them in the future. The videos are more shareable and interesting to our website and social media fans than the heavily produced promotional videos we make.

- Liz Mabe

Director of Digital Marketing

Branson CVB

- Liz Mabe, Director of Digital Marketing, Branson CVB

Number of videos Branson could have created with Candidio using past video budgets



Number of views of the three Uniquely Branson videos


People are 144% more likely to buy a product after viewing a video about it

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Create a video series.
Branson utilized the Uniquely Branson web video series to highlight individual restaurants in town that visitors may not otherwise find out about. By producing a regular video series about great restaurants, Branson can build up the notoriety of their dining establishments and help visitors eat like locals.

Create a Video Series Like Uniquely Branson

Connect with people through real and simple video like the Branson CVB.

We'll work with your tourism organization to develop a unique video strategy. Use your smartphone and the Candidio platform to create videos that connect with people. You shoot, we edit, you share.

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While the Branson CVB spent nearly $35,000 on convention and sports focused sales videos over the past few years, they didn’t have video content focused on leisure travelers. By utilizing the CVB’s company iPad and a $50 wired microphone, they filmed and produce three consumer-focused web videos for under $700 - less than 2% of the amount they spent on their sales-focused videos.

Everyone loves food.
83% of smartphone users rely on their phones to research where to eat and mobile video views have increased 844% since 2012! Branson took advantage of this fact by highlighting great restaurants in their area. You can do the same by creating a video series focused on the best places to dine.

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